Wastewater Rates

Base Charge
1 inch water tap or less$250.00
2 or 3 inch water tap$500.00
4 inch or greater water tap$1,000.00
Total Suspended Solids (TSS)$0.24/lb.
Biochemical Oxygen (BOD)$0.24/lb.
Fats Oil and Grease (FOG)$0.05/lb.

1. Service not covered by the above rates will be individually negotiated by special rate contracts.

2. All schedules are NET DISCOUNT RATES, due and payable as stated on bills. All bills not paid by then become delinquent and are subject to the gross rate which is 5 percent higher.

3. All Municipal Utilities SERVICES WILL BE DISCONTINUED if the bill remains unpaid. Unauthorized connections or tampering with Utilities services are in violation of City Ordinance Sec. 29-6 and penalties of fine and imprisonment are provided in the Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 569.080.

4. In order that residential water customers not be charged sewer charges for water used in lawn sprinkling, garden watering, etc., the amount of service charge is based on the average water consumption during the preceding winter months as established by the Board. Actual monthly usage shall be used for billing purposes until that average is established. In June of 1991 the “winter months” used for billing were changed. Prior years used the December, January and February water usage. For future calculations the water bills (if three or more are available) of November through April will be used for residential sewer bill calculations.

5. A customer may be eligible for a new construction sewer bill adjustment when:

(1) the customer can show that the vast majority of the water during one or more months did not go to the sanitary sewer due to construction work or in establishing new grass or other plantings, and

(2) the sewer bill was based on actual water consumption – not based on an average of prior use.

A customer meeting these criteria may submit an adjustment request to the Director of Administrative Services one time only per location. The request may cover a multi-month period. The maximum adjustment or refund would be to reduce each month’s sewer bill to the monthly customer charge plus the volume charge for 5,000 gallons of water.

6. There may also be applicable, for certain Industrial and/or Commercial users, an additional charge for Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), and Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG). The current charges are:


Effective on billing after Jan 1, 2015