Since 1920

MMU Electricity

Marshall Municipal Utilities has been providing electricity to the City of Marshall, Missouri since early 1920.

MMU joined the Missouri Public Energy Pool (MoPEP) in 2005 to meet its power supply requirements. MoPEP consists of 35 member cities and provides its members the ability to enter into contracts and negotiations as a much larger entity than a single city by itself, saving customers money.

To help meet member needs, MoPEP has a diverse portfolio that includes ownership in coal, natural gas, solar and contracted resources which include landfill gas, hydro, wind and coal.

In addition to the MoPEP resources, MMU has local generation that helps both it and MoPEP meet regulatory capacity requirements. Local (MMU) generation consists of 6 units that can operate on natural gas or diesel with a net peak capacity of 30 megawatts. This local generation not only provides capacity for MoPEP, but also contributes to local reliability when the market is short on capacity and as a hedge against high market prices.

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