Current Fiber Grant Status

Grant area 1 has all but been completed. There are only small areas left on Hwy YY that need to be finished up. Grant area 2 has been started and we are most of the way through the first section of it. Feel free to check the status on our page or call to check our status. If you are in any of the grant areas you can sign up at anytime. The sooner you sign up the higher you will be on the list in your area. We do have to follow a set order of areas to complete first. See what areas we will be working on next here. You will not be charged until your first bill.

Those living in the grant areas may wonder why the price is $30 higher for the first two years. Click here to see a pdf file explaining the reason.

Marshall Municipal Utilities internet crew burying fiber optic cable in rural Saline County
Puppy Playing With Garden Hose

Help Us Help You

Reporting Problems

MMU could use your help! If you spot an electrical problem that needs our attention such as a street light being out, go to our Contact Page to let us know about the problem. It is a very simple form where you can describe the problem and email it to us.

Remember, if it is an emergency, go ahead and give us a call at (660) 886-6966.

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