Marshall Municipal Utilities internet crew burying fiber optic cable in rural Saline County

USDA Broadband Grant Status

MMU has received two grants from the USDA in 2019 and 2020 to try to help offset the cost of expanding Broadband to rural areas of Saline County.

Below are maps of the areas we have been approved to work in and our progress in completing them.

Updated 6/12/24

Coleman Plumbing has finished plowing North of town along Hwy 41; there are still several bores. The new contractor, Kramer, has started East of town and working on the 2nd contract (2304), there are several bores left to finish this contract. MMU crews are continuing to blow fiber and splice as weather allows. We have started blowing in fiber on Wildcat Road and Hwy 41 East.

2019 Grant Progress

Grant 1 Map

Backbone construction is complete for Grant 1. Come in and sign up anytime.

All Areascompletestop by to sign up

2020 Grant Progress

Grant 2 Map

2022 Contracts

2023 Contracts

NOTE: The maps in the table below show planned areas in Grant 2. However, the contracts for conduit do not necessarily match the entire area for any given year. For example, the Kittyhawk map shows the entire Kittyhawk to Quarry area, but only the blue lines on the map are planned for 2023. The completion percentages in the table only reflect the part of the areas that are planned this year. There may be some additional conduit installed by MMU personnel which could increase what gets done this year. Bold lines on maps are the areas of construction.

Contract 2201 (South)Conduit Complete
 Kittyhawk2023 portion completeMap
 165th Rd2023 portion completeMap
 Mt OliveCompleteMap
 YY Southconduit complete fiber 99% completesplicing 99% completeMap
 185th2023 portion completeMap
 EE Southconduit completefiber 95% completesplicing 99% completeMap
 200th2023 portion completeMap
Contract 2202 (West)Conduit complete
 Daybreak2023 portion completeMap
 250th2023 portion completeMap
 Golden Northconduit completefiber 95% completesplicing 95% completeMap
Contract 2203 (North)Conduit 99% complete
 Kiteconduit completefiber completesplicing 90% complete Map
 41 Northconduit 95% complete  Map
 Klondikeconduit 99% completefiber 60% complete  Map
 325thconduit 99% complete  Map
Contract 2301 (East)Conduit completeMap
 Hwy 240conduit completefiber 50% complete  Map
 230th Rdconduit complete  Map
Contract 2302 (Southwest) 
Contract 2303 (West) 
Contract 2304 (Southeast)Conduit 90% completeMap
Water Tower/Smith Chapel
Kittyhawk/Smith Chapel
Stuckeys/Smith Chapel
Smith Chapel/Nelson West
Nocturne/Hwy TT
Contract 2401 (South)Bid awarded
Contract 2402 (Quarry)Bid awarded
Remaining Round 2We will bid out another 100 miles or so this fall – 2024.