Appendix 6 of Annex P

Cleaning and Disinfecting Trailer

Table of Contents

·Animal Grabbers, Short


·Batteries, C Cell

·Batteries, D Cell

·Brush, Long Handle

·Brush, Short Handle

·Cattle Prods

·Chain, 3/8"

·Chicken Grabbers

·Compressor, Portable

·D Handle Scraper

·Dolly, 2 Wheel

·Dust Masks

·Ear Plug Replacements

·Ear Plugs

·Exam Gloves, Large

·Exam Gloves, Xlarge

·Extension Cord 

·Extension Cord on Reel

·Face Shields

·Fence Post

·Fence Post Driver

·First Aid Kit


·Foot Bath

·Foot Bath Sanitizer

·Gas Can


·Gloves, Chemical

·Gloves, Rubber Green

·Gloves, Rubber Yellow

·Gloves, Trapper


·Grain Scoop


·Hooks, Chain 3/8"

·Hydraulic Jack


·Net, Whopper

·Paddle Boards



·Plastic Buckets with Lids

·Pole with Loop, Long

·Post Popper

·Power Washer

·Rope Lasso

·Safety Vest, Orange



·Snow Fence

·Spare Tire


·Sprayer with Wheels


·Throw Net

·Tool Box with Tools

·Tools, Socket Set

·Towels, White Cloth

·Trash Bags

·Trash Cans, Grey

·Wash Pans, Grey Large

·Wash Pans, Grey Small

·Water Hose, 75 Feet

·Wet Weather Suits

·Whirl Pac Bags

·Wire Music

Table of Contents