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For a CHEMICAL incident call:

For a BIOLOGICAL incident call:


(National Response Center)


(Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases)

Local Resources


Haz-Mat Team

Currently, the closest hazardous materials response team is the Sedalia Fire Department in Pettis County

(660) -826-8044



State Resources


DNR Environmental Emergency Response Office 24-hour

(573) 634-2436

Fax (573) 526-3350

DNR Drinking Water

OH (573) 751-4988

AH (573) 634-2436

State Fire Marshall's Explosives Canine Unit

(bomb sniffing dogs)

Jim Wilson pager

Dave Owens pager

(800) 392-7766

(800) 462-6023

(800) 272-9826

Missouri State Highway Patrol Bomb Retrieval and Disposal Unit

(573) 751-3313

Department of Health and Senior Services, Center for Emergency Response to Terrorism, 24 hour number

(800) 392-0272

SEMA Duty Officer (will contact other state and federal agencies)

 (573) 751-2748



Federal Resources


FBI Jefferson City Field Office

(573) 636-8814

Kansas City Office 24-hour #

(816) 221-6100

Urban Search and Rescue Team

(573) 446-6644

Fax (573) 445-3176


          The Boone County Fire Protection District (Columbia, Missouri) houses one of 27 federally-funded and specially trained rescue teams located around the United States.  These Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) teams are composed of highly trained individuals, canines, and special equipment that can assist a jurisdiction when responding to a terrorist incident. US&R responsibilities include locating, extricating, and providing on-site medical treatment to victims trapped in collapsed structures.


          The US&R team in Columbia (Missouri Task Force 1) can be activated through fire mutual aid, SEMA, or by federal activation.  However, since this team is housed in Missouri, it will only be activated either by fire mutual aid or the state.  If this unit is activated federally, it will most likely be sent elsewhere in the country.


          WMD Civil Support Team*

Formerly known as the RAID Team and also known as the 7th Military Support Detachment (MSD).  This highly trained team is one of several located around the country and available to assist state and local officials in the event of a terrorist incident involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Any senior local public safety official can request the WMD Civil Support Team by contacting SEMA.


          Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT)*

Some of the federal DMATs have been given special chemical/biological capabilities. The closest team for Missouri is located in St. Louis, Missouri.

This team can be activated at SEMAs request.


          Strategic National Stockpile*

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has established this program which maintains a national WMD drug and medical equipment cache.

This program can be activated at SEMAs request also.

*Contact for these teams is made through SEMA

(573) 751-2748

Table of Contents