Appendix 3 to Annex A


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Communications Room


          Radio Operator


          Records message


          Enters message into log


          Forwards to Message Coordinator (Emergency Management)

Message Coordinator (Emergency Management)


          Determines receiver of message


          Assigns priority


          Enters message into log


          Forwards to operator (Department Head)


          Plots and files

Operations Room

Operators (Department Heads)


          Records message


          Determines capability to respond


          Coordinates and completes response; forwards if unable to respond


          Forwards to message coordinator and to communications room, if necessary

Message Coordinator


          Plots and files messages


          Completes log



          Attachment A to this Appendix contains a copy of the message form that should be used for a classified emergency.


          Radio, telephones, and/or runners will be used to communicate messages back and forth from the EOC to other organizations/agencies involved.


          All messages, incoming and outgoing, will be logged for future reference. See Attachment B to this Appendix for a copy of the communications log form.


          A significant events log will be maintained during the emergency.  The log will be used to record key disaster related information (casualty information, health concerns, property damage, fire status, size of risk area, scope of the hazard to the public, number of evacuees, etc.). See Attachment C to this Appendix for a copy of the significant events log.


          All personnel for message handling will be furnished by the Emergency Management Office and/or Sheriff's Department.

Table of Contents