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 Communication Frequencies



Saline County Sheriff


Statewide Sheriff


Saline County Sheriff (private)


Police Mutual Aid


Point to Point


Marshall Police Department


Marshall FD, Blackburn FD, Malta Bend FD, Sweet Spring FD


Fire Mutual Aid


Marshall Police Department


Marshall City Wide






Marshall Emergency Management


Marshall Municipal Utilities






Saline Co. Ambulance Dist. III


Carrollton Fire Department


Pettis County Fire Protection District


Sedalia / Pettis County CD


Boonville / Cooper County CD


Other Frequencies


Saline County Highway Department


Sweet Springs Fire Dept (private)


Sweet Springs City Government


Slater City Government


Outdoor Warning Sirens

The following communities in Saline County have outdoor warning sirens:


          Arrow Rock Volunteer Community Fire Department has one outdoor siren located at the fire department. It is used for both fire calls and weather warnings. It is usually activated by one of the firemen.


          The City of Marshall has eight outdoor warning sirens that are activated by the Police Department. A map of siren locations is available in the Police Department. These sirens are tested the first Monday of the month at 10 a.m.


          The City of Slater has four outdoor sirens which are activated by the Police Department. One is a fire siren located at the Fire Department on Walnut Street. This siren is tested every day at 7 a.m., 6 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. The other three sirens are used for weather warnings and are located on Main Street, Central Street and Heiler Street. The siren located on Main is tested each day at noon. The other two sirens are tested once a month during the summer.


          The City of Sweet Springs has one outdoor siren located at City Hall. This siren is used for fire calls, severe weather and attack. It is activated from the radio base station located in City Hall or it can be manually activated from the fire department. It is tested every weekday at 5 p.m.

National Warning System (NAWAS)

The NAWAS warning point is located in the Marshall Police Department. This system is used for receiving national attack warnings, weather warnings and for communications to other warning points in the State. The Standard Operating Guideline for this system is available at the Marshall Police Department.

Cable Television Warning System


          The cities of Marshall and Slater have access to cable television capable of providing broadcast warnings to the residents with cable TV service. Recent FCC rules do not require the public access. The city would have to require such in the Franchise agreement. It appears that neither city has chosen, or had the position to require.


          The City of Marshall no longer activates the cable warning system for Marshall. Cable television and the cable company does not seem to know how to do.


          The Slater City Hall and Police Department no longer access the cable television system.

Ham Radio Operators

HAM radio operators are available to assist with communications and warning operations. HAM radio capability is available at the Marshall Police Department/EOC. The Indian Foothills Radio Club has a mobile communications trailer available to use as a command post.

Weather Spotters

The communities of Marshall, Slater and Sweet Springs have trained weather spotters available to monitor severe weather situations in their area. Participating in this program are law enforcement, fire, HAM radio operators, Civil Air Patrol and other city personnel. When the spotters are called out they are sent to designated locations to monitor and report the weather situation.

Weather Radar

Weather radar is available to monitor weather activity through radio station KMMO (AM/FM) located in Marshall.

Emergency Alert System (EAS)


          Saline County is one of six counties located in the Moberly EAS Operational Area. There are two Common Program Control Stations 1 (CPCS-1) for this area, which are radio stations:

KXEO-AM, 1340, Mexico

KWIX-AM, 1230, Moberly

There is one primary EAS radio station located in Marshall which is KMMO-AM, 1300.


          There are no designated EAS television stations for the Moberly EAS Operational Area. Residents receive news and information from a variety of television stations located in Kansas City, Columbia and Jefferson City.

Activation of EAS

Standard operating guidelines for activating EAS in Saline County will be maintained by the Saline County Emergency Management Director. Each municipality will be responsible for maintaining activation guidelines also. These guidelines will be coordinated with the local radio station that has EAS responsibility. The chief elected official will designate authority for activating EAS.

Tone Alert System/Plectrons

Tone activated receivers are located throughout Saline County in schools, nursing homes, business/industry, etc. to warn of severe weather. The Sheriff's Office activates these devices to alert the following:


          All Marshall Schools


          Slater and Sweet Springs Police Departments


          Saline County Rest Home


          Marshall Habilitation Center


          ConAgra Frozen Food

Civil Air Patrol (CAP)

The Civil Air Patrol is located in Marshall and can provide the following services:


          Communications - Base stations are located at the E-911 Facility and the Marshall Municipal Airport.


          Weather Watch - Follow storm into and across Saline County.


          Aerial survey for damage - Video tape damage from the air.

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