APPENDIX 6 of Annex P

Agriculture Emergency Response Trailer

Table of Contents

·Bags, Autoclave

·Bags, Plastic Black

·Bags, Plastic Clear

·Bags, Whirlpac

·Barrel, Yellow

·Batteries, Flashlight

·Battery Charger

·Boots, Rubber

·Branding Irons



·Buckets, 5 Gallon

·Cattle Nose Grabbers

·Cattle Prod

·Centrifuge Tubes


·Chicken Grabbers


·Clippers, Animal Shears

·Clippers, Nail

·Compressor, Portable

·Cones, Safety

·Cook Set

·Cooking Supplies

·Cooler, Ice Chest

·Cots, Folding

·Dish Pans, Plastic

·Disinfectant, Broad Spectrum

·Dusk Mask

·Ear Plugs


·Easel Paper

·Easel Tripod

·Extension Cord with Reel

·Extension Cords

·Face Shields

·Fence Post Driver

·Fence Post, Steel

·Fence Rubber Snow

·File Box, Plastic

·First Aid Kit

·Flashlights, Assorted

·Flashlights, Husky


·Gas Can


·Gloves, Exam


·Grounding Rod w/ Wire

·Hard Hats

·Head Lamps

·Hose, Water

·Hydraulic Jack



·Lids, 5 Gallon Bucket

·Light Stand

·Lights, Halogen

·MO Map & Gazetteer

·Needles, Alum Hub Hypodermic

·Needles, Poly Hub Hypodermic

·Noose, Hog Nose

·Noose, Livestock

·Office Supplies


·Paper, Toilet

·Paper, Towels

·Polyfoam Packers

·Power Inverter

·Power Washer

·Protective Suits, Assorted Gloves

·Radio Set with Antenna


·Safety Stand, Orange

·Sanitizer, Boot Dip



·Signs (Notice Quarantine Area)

·Sleeping Bags

·Spare Tire



·Stove, Propane

·Syringes, 10 mL

·Syringes, 3 mL

·Tables, Folding

·Tape, Duct

·Tape, USDA Warning

·Tape, Yellow Caution



·Tool Box with Tools

·Towels, White Cloth

·Trash Can, Grey

·Tubs, Heavy Rubber

·Vacutainer Tubes

·Walkie Talkies

·Water Cooler

·Wheel Chocks


·Worklight Tripod

Table of Contents